Spectralicious key submission fixed

There was a mistake in the spectralicious key in the challenge (15 hex digits/nibbles instead of 16), but the key submission should now accept the 15 digit version of the key. If you have attempted to submit for this challenge, please re-submit and it should be accepted now. Sorry about that!

Spectralicious error

We just noticed that there is an error in the Spectralicious key. We are going to fix this shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience.

What the DTMF tones

We're seeing lots of very close submissions for "What the DTMF?". Make sure you read the challenge text closely and the hints may help.

Hack on!

Alright hackers, the game is afoot! Download the latest mp3 for the challenge data! DM us on twitter if you notice anything is amiss. Good luck!

Starting soon!

The CTF will be starting momentarily!

Dialed Up CTF starts tomorrow!!

Get ready, it's coming!!!