#DialedUpCTF is now complete! Thanks for playing!


Dialed Up CTF is a music and phreaking themed mini-CTF that is completely self-contained in an .mp3 file. To just listen to the song check it out on soundcloud, or for the full video check here.

This mini-CTF is jeopardy style with 10 challenges. The challenges are puzzle based and generally involve music or phreaking related themes. No software or binary exploitation skills are required, but some challenges are significantly easier to solve with coding/scripting.

The contest will run for just over a week until 2022-08-15 00:00 UTC.

To register for the contest, please create an account here.

Key Formats and submitting results

  • Keys are in the format of {DialedUpCTF}<16 hex nibbles> (e.g. {DialedUpCTF}ab12cd34ef56gh78) and are case insensitive.
  • Almost all keys will have the {DialedUpCTF} prefix when found in game, but any that do not will be clearly marked in the challenge description.
  • Key submission will be done via the CTF contest page and requires creating an account for the site.
  • Teams can share an account if desired.
  • Winners with correct answers will be chosen with the earliest submission time.

Prizes and Such

  • The first 5 winners of the competition version will be announced on twitter.
  • A live scoreboard can be found here after the contest starts.
  • Prizes include a Dialed Up CTF t-shirt and bragging rights! :)
  • Please don’t release keys publically, at least until the contest is over.
  • After the CTF is over, write-ups are very welcome!


If you’re stuck on a challenge and would like a hint, there are hints listed with each challenge on the scoreboard site. If you're still really stuck, tag us or DM @prjctmammoth on Twitter, or alternatively email us at prjctmammoth [at] gmail.com -- We want everyone with an interest at all skill levels to have fun, so we're happy to help! Responses are best effort since we’ll also be attending Defcon :).

About the song

We tried to add a wide array of phreaking related sounds and samples including ~30 different ring tones, DTMF, a rotary phone, lots of modem noises and carrier recording samples. Hope you like it, we had fun with it :).

The official contest version of the song file can be found here. You can also listen to the song on soundcloud, but note that only the official .mp3 has the CTF contest data encoded in it.

Note: The contest mp3 file is benign and does not contain any exploits or malicious payloads. Other than having some extra metadata embedded in it, it's a normal mp3 file and safe to open. Here's the Virus Total scan link for reference.


  • The hints are not in the .mp3 file and are only available on ctf.projectmammoth.com with a registered user.
  • The video links in the notes sections of the challenges are sometimes hints, but sometimes just for fun :).
  • Keep an eye on the notifications on https://ctf.projectmammoth.com/ and our twitter https://twitter.com/prjctmammoth for updates.


  • Thanks to drifter for providing some of the infrastructure, play testing and general feedback!
  • Thanks to jxs, jpgleg, World Hacker League, archer and others for play testing!
  • Thanks to twpyhr from thisisarecording.com for letting us use some cool samples from the site for the song and various places in the CTF

File Hashes

SHA1 hashes:

  • Version 0.1 5e7245252fba802fe69888273f42171c0338a68a
  • Version 0.2 4df91f5a20d934f6215ae29fbfde5de03aaaf312
  • Version 0.3 d7e5a628326ebeaec0079803a351f5ab9eb963a3
  • Version 0.4 4243542a4a8de0d2b2287918d12a997481f84584
  • Version 0.5 527c44d3c9ed8d33276c777292f54530428778e3

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